Monday, March 5, 2012

Busy weekend.

“I needed to stop being what everyone thought I was.”
Sarah Addison Allen
What a long weekend. I hate car shopping. But that is done and over and Marv is happy with his new to him vehicle. I think it will fit our needs nicely.
But it really did kill most of the weekend. We were both exhausted by the time we were done.
Though we did sneak off Sunday morning and took a long walk along the Salt river. Made Pip happy. It was  great day for a walk and we thoroughly enjoy ourselves.
I did get some work done on a new design this weekend. Had to have my busy work with me for when we were driving or waiting.  I will set this design aside though now and get back to work on the large project I have going and just work on it when I need to go someplace until the more pressing project is done.
I am shooting for the end of the week for that project.  Here is a shot of all the motifs done and ready for me to finish up the afghan. Oh there is much more to the afghan than just these motifs. But they are the base. The stack is already about a third of the way assembled. So it will not take me too much longer to get this done.
I love this shot of Marv and Pip. It just looks so serene.

I liked how the tree framed the view of the river for me.

They have raised the level of the water in the river.
These are the end of the bluffs along our walk.

Looking down the river towards Red mountain.

Marve took this shot of the tree stump with it's interesting rings.
Wonder what sort of tale it could tell.

We have quit hauling home every rock that catches our eyes. So Marv took a picture of the beauty of this one.
Love the colors and the suggestion of a scene in it.


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