Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oh the Joy

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”
Dalai Lama XIV
I swear there is no sweeter joy than the joy of completion. Putting the last stitch in today on a large project made me want to do the happy dance. But I decided to wait until it was blocking to do my little dance. Well I have now made a fool of myself and danced around my living room and dining room with reckless abandon. Thankfully there was no one to see me.
If you can't tell the afghan is done.
It would have been done yesterday , But I didn't double check my foundation rnd for the final section and had one space too many. Of course I did not discover it until the last quarter of the final rnd. I was so close to being done and I had to frog the whole days work and then some. Needless to say todays joy was sweeter because of this.
Now I can indulge my self and break out the thread that arrived on Thursday of last week. I made myself leave it alone until I finished this project. It hasn't been easy as it is some delicious colors from Lizbeth threads. As soon as I am done here I am digging out my thread hooks for this project and immerse myself in this design. All the prelim work has been done so it's just do the final in the colors I wanted and write up the pattern.

As Promised here is the rest of the floral pictures from this weekend. Tomorrow will the hike shots.
Marv took this shot for me. I am enthralled with this color. I love the soft tangerine wish I could find thread or yarn in this shade. But alas what I normally find is too bright and gaudy to match this

I do enjoy these tiny blossoms.

When something stands alone it can be so beautiful.
Need I say more.

These Thistle are getting ready to bloom. but are still lovely at this stage too.

A close up of the tiny little blossoms that so intrigue me

Most of the desert is subdued shades of green. So the vibrant greens in this plant drew me like a magnet.

Of course I had to take a shot of one of the Fairy dusters
Another view of these small wonders.

And these are even smaller yet.
They do amaze me with there delicate and striking beauty.
If you didn't look closely at these you would never realize how lovely they truly are.

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