Thursday, March 8, 2012

Steady progress and distractions

“I like flaws. I think they make things interesting.”
Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever
I haven't posted for the last couple days. 
Tuesday was a play day.  Went up to Prescott to get together with the crochet group I belong to up there. The are so wonderful and I alway have such a great day. Definitely worth the drive.  It's great to chat with others of like mind as myself.
Yesterday I made myself knuckle down and put some serious work on my current project. I am bound and determined to get this done and the pattern ready to go by the end of the weekend. It's a doable goal as I feel I am on the home stretch.
Last night I did take time out and did a couple swatches of some ideas that floated into my brain while working yesterday. You know I seriously doubt that I will ever hit a point where I have nothing new to crochet. My stack of ideas just keeps growing and growing. I have added at least 4 to it this week and it's not over yet.
I did get my thread for my next project today. It's sitting here calling to me, but I am being good and ignoring it so far. If it gets to insistent I will stuff it in a drawer. That or hide my thread hooks. I am bound and determined to finish this afghan before I allow my self the pure joy of thread work.
I am posting the Flower pictures we took this weekend on our Sunday walk.
Marv caught the beauty of these delicate flowers. Love the blue

These were just beginning to open up. Can't wait to see one in full bloom.

More blue Flowers. My shot didn't turn out quite so blue as Marv's

Playing with setting gave the a purplish cast.
 But I love how you can almost see through the petals on these.

These were so bright and cheery looking

Of course the Lupine is in bloom everywhere.

The trees are beginning to strut their stuff also.

Marv's camera still works best for the really tiny flowers. He can control his setting so much more than I can. But then his camera is much more intense than mine.

Again another shot Marv had to capture.

When we got home I decided to catch a shot of my bougainvillea. It is finally starting to bloom.


  1. That explains why I am so interesting! Totally flawed!

  2. That makes two of us Michele, Maybe that's why we have connected so well.....

  3. I love those photos of the flowers! Paul and I spent a lot of time in Arizona when we were traveling: Tuscon, Sadona, and Flagstaff. We definitely want to go back some day. It's a diffeent world but a very beautiful one.