Thursday, December 29, 2011

Beginnings and endings.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”
Albert Schweitzer
Been working hard here on my project. I am at the plug away stage of the piece. Where I keep putting one stitch in front of the last one made until I start to see some real progress. This is my thinking time also. I know a dangerous time too.
This piece will give me lots of think time.
I was thinking about beginning and endings of projects. I am not sure which is more thrilling.
Beginning a new project or finishing up one. Each has it's own attraction.
When I start a project there is that sense of adventure. The uncertainty of whether the project will work out or not. I get so excited and giddy when I pick up a thread and hook for the first time to try and make my ideas take on reality. It's one of the moments that keep me designing.
Finishing up a project to is exciting also. I am like the kid in the car. ARE WE THERE YET!  Because I truly want to see if my idea worked up anything like I imagined. It can be a proud moment or a humbling moment, depending on how well the piece turned out. Again one of the moments that keeps me designing.
It's the middle part that makes this a tough job at times. There are thousands upon thousands of stitches in some designs and each has to be put in before the next one can take it's place. But they are the meat and potatoes of the piece. Without these stitches there can be no ending. This is the heart of the creating process
Well enough rambling
I promised pictures. These pictures are of the hike we took on the day after Christmas. The short easy hike that turned out to be longer and harder than we were led to believe.
This is the cliff face above the parking lot. The patterns are so fascinating.

This was the valley the lowest part of our hike

This was a formation we could see for miles before we got there.

More cactus skeletons. They are so lovely even at this stage. In fact I find them more interesting like this than the actual cactus. But then I love the patterns and strength they show here.

Climbing up here. Caught Marv in my vista shot.

This is the Miners Needle. Marv caught me and Pip in this one. Pip always takes point. That is his job.

Another shot of the vista and Marv on the trail

Same view basically as earlier only much higher up.

Love coming across one the springs in the area. The tinkle of the water was the best music of the day.

This is Miners Needle from the backside. We have climbed quite aways up at this point.

This is the back side of the Weavers Needle we have taken pictures of on other days from the other side.

Me heading up the Bluff Spring Ravine. A very peaceful part of our hike

Here is a vista shot from the beginning of our hike.


  1. Next lifetime I am coming back as your dog.

  2. My horsehoer used to always tell me she wanted to come back as one of my cats. But I don't take them hiking so it will have to be the dog I guess.