Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our wild weekend

“No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you've come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself.”
Our holidays were quiet around here. Family is far away and none of us could afford to be traveling. So it was just Marv and I this year. We decided to play it low key and just concentrate on doing things to keep ourselves active and not dwell on being so far away.  We managed to keep ourselves quite busy the whole weekend.
On Christmas Eve day we bowled in the morning, than we hiked at the Salt River. One of our favorite areas to hike around. I will post pictures of that hike today. Then came home and had a quiet Christmas eve watching some of our favorite Christmas movies. I love watching the warm sappy ones. But I am such a push over for feel good movies it's not funny. Call me the eternal optimist....
Christmas we went up around Saguaro Lake and hiked a trail up there. It was lovely though my alto phobia kicked in a few places. But I managed to talk myself over the tricky parts. Proud that I managed. It was so lovely other wise. Perfect weather everything. Home to a great dinner and then kick back and relax. I will post pictures from that hike tomorrow.
The day after Christmas we bowled in the morning  and then headed up to the Peralta trail head. We planned on a fairly easy hike. Boy were we naive. That hike was a definite climb, which takes much longer, so we were out much longer than we expected. It's a darn good thing we try and prepare for worst case scenarios as this was not good. We ended up making it back to the trail head about a half hour after dark. If we didn't have our headlights we would have been in serious trouble. But with them we were able to make our way down the last few hills without too much trouble.  But it is not my intentions to get caught out like that again. Scrambling down a mountain side in the dark is not my idea of a good time. Otherwise the hike was lovely and we saw some gorgeous country. Though again my alto phobia kicked in and I just had to keep telling myself  Don't Think. DO! I know I am not going to fall off the mountain. But my tummy refuses to believe it. Poor Marv, putting up with my fears. Do enough of these hike I might just get used to it or at least my tummy might begin to believe that I won't fall off.
I didn't push on my crochet work over the weekend. But I did actually make some pretty good progress on a project. Now I will set that one aside while I do the project that I just got the thread for. It has a deadline so I will feel much better when it is all done. I am normally done well in advance, but I am one of the people that has to be early in anything I do. So I will get this one done and then put the one I am setting aside back on the hooks. Though if I need a pack around project I will grab it as it's easier to transport.
Well I promised pictures of our Christmas Eve day hike.
The River is definitely down at the moment. We could have easily walked across if we so desired. The colors were gorgeous that day. The trees are in there winter phase around here. Wish I could find these sort of colors in my crochet threads. Softly muted tones that relax the eye and soul.

Earlier this month we actually had some good rain. We are seeing the results of that rain in green. You can bet your sweet potatoes I am soaking it up while I can. This sort of scene just soothes the beast in me.

I was trying to capture the reflections of the mountains in the river. It was so calm and quiet. We were about the only ones out walking the river that day. We saw a few people fishing but that was it.

This is one of the reasons I love hiking this area. There as some great areas like this that just tickle my fancy. I always expect a hobbit or two to wander out of a scene like this. That and the lacey canopy. But then I am sucker for Lace!

Another River shot. Such soft muted colors again.

Another shot of the green grass. I will have to remember these days this summer when it all dries up. It does come back though, and yes there is green down here. Just not when I am used to green.

I love the intricate work that nature weaves in a tree.


  1. We think almost alike! When I'm out in the forest and come upon an enchanted area, I think of elves or fairies.

  2. What can I say but "ooooooh!"?