Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Crazy week

“Life is a long lesson in humility.”
J.M. Barrie
I know I haven't posted for a few days. But life can be pretty demanding sometimes. and this was the one thing I could let slide for a few days.
I did get my craft room somewhat organized. Well at least it's cleaned and doesn't all jump at me when I walk into the room. It's actually quite pleasant to walk into now.
Then I cleaned out my thread cabinet the next day. I knew I had a lot of thread, but MY OH  MY!!!  do I own some thread.  Though I am rather top heavy in some colors and rather light in others. At least it's all organized by size now so I can quickly see what I have available to  work with.
The week end was spent finishing up our Christmas shopping. All done except one item. That one is actually for me and I am still looking for just the right one I want. Will post more about that later. Marv told me to pick it out so I get what I need and want.
Monday was spent cooking. Rare thing for me. But I had a get together with some other Crocheters on Tuesday and I needed some goodies to take. I am no longer very domesticated. I rarely do the homey things like really cook......
Tuesday was awesome. I have joined a group of crocheters up in Prescott, Az. What a great group and a lot of fun to talk about crocheting and to share the passion with. Worth the time it takes me to drive up. It's only once a month so it's kind of a treat to have an outing. Had a marvelous time as usual. Still would like to meet fellow crocheters down here. But not having to much luck yet.
Though I did strike up a conversation with a nice person in the aisle at Joann's on Saturday. She was checking out the thread section and had the same sort of look in her eye that I get when I am checking it out. Knew we had to be kindred spirits. We are going to get together after the holidays and chat.
Now as you can see I haven't been sitting around twiddling my thumbs. Not that I would ever do that, it would be more crocheting my little heart out. But I haven't had much time for that. Though I almost have this shawl done.
But on top of all this my hot water heater went out. So I have been without hot water since Sunday afternoon. They are trying to decide what the are going to do about it. 
We bought the home warranty insurance when we bought the house so we shall see if it was worth the money or not on this. But I am sorely missing my hot water. Sponge bathes  just aren't the same........ But we are surviving. I am just hoping that they get it solved before Christmas.  


  1. Oh dear, hot water is something that is difficult to be without!

  2. Hopefully by tomorrow evening I will have a brandy new hot water tank. We opted for the tank over the tankless. Have had nothing but problems with this since we moved in. I will be so ready for a long soak tomorrow as soon as it's installed......