Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oooh I can find my craft room!

“Hide not your talents, they for use were made,
What's a sundial in the shade?”
Benjamin Franklin
I spent the day working on organizing my craft room. Something I have only dabbled at since the move. Just haven't been inspired for what I needed or wanted to do in there. But I figured I needed to get some organization going as I am tired of not being able to find things I know I have.
I made major strides today though and I am actually very pleased with what I did. I think it just might be beginning to come together for me. I created a corner in which I can work at pattern writing that looks out at the mountains. So now I have two places I can work as the mood hits me. Sometimes it's nice to see the world as you are working and other times it's better if you can shut it out a bit. Now I have both types of spaces. One totally business like and the other more laid back with the mountain to look at and my plants surrounding me.
The biggest problem today was trying not to get distracted while sorting things out. I did add about 3 more items to my to do stack. I kept coming across sketches I have done of ideas. Some are definitely worth pursuing.
I have also managed to get some time in on the shawl. Very happy with not just my progress, but with the look I am getting. Should have it done by early next week at the very latest. Love it when an idea turns out like I expect or should I say hope for.
Tomorrow I plan on sorting out my thread cabinet. It's all still in the boxes I moved it all in. Need to see what I truly have and make it more accessible. Then maybe, just maybe I can cut down on some of the clutter around my desk. Part of what I want to do is separate some of my projects threads and put them all together with the sketch and prep work I have done. Then I won't accidentally use something I have plans for. Been known to happen.


  1. It's that distraction I have the most trouble with these days. Sorting through a bin of yarn leads to "where did all the time go?" because I can't keep from creating in my head.

  2. I have you as a favorite store and plan on getting some of your patterns as soon as the holiday season is over..Have a great day..

  3. Thank you Vikki, I can always use words of encouragement.

  4. Michele, Today is going to be worse. Thread has such a siren call to me. Sorting through this is going to take forever..... Keep playing with ideas and fondling the thread and envisioning what I can do with it.