Thursday, December 1, 2011

staying focused

“Its always best to have too much to do. Its better than having nothing to do.”
― John Rix
Oh it's so much better when I work at one project at a time. I am in the process of finishing up on of the projects that I was working on when I was trying to work multiple projects at one time. It just seem to be going so much faster this way. Should have it done either tomorrow or Saturday at the latest. But by focusing on it and it alone it just seems to go together smoother. I know some people can work the other way. I do envy them at times. But I have to be realistic about my style of working and not try and be something I am not.  I am excited though that I will get to cross another idea off my eternal list of ideas. I have so many that are calling to me and making it hard to stick to one project at a time. But it's the best way for me and I will just have to crochet faster if I want to play with the new ideas........ Motivation.!
I did get the doily done that I was working on. All written and waiting for me to send it out to my testers. Just I haven't been feeling my very best so thought I would wait until I get feeling better. Sinus headaches make it very difficult to concentrate.
I did manage to put up the Christmas tree and all the decorations that I plan on doing this year yesterday. Hard to get too enthused when it is just me and Marv. I still need to sit down and write up my cards. But the tree was more than enough on a day when I wasn't at my best. It wouldn't have taken me so long, but I had to locate some of my Christmas boxes. Moving can make finding things rather interesting for quite sometime it seems. I look forward to the day when I know where everything lives around the house. I am still guessing at times where I might find something. I know I own. I know I moved it. I just don't know where I put it.


  1. I have found the Christmas decorations! Now, will I have the energy to put them up?
    I have moved so many times in the last 10 years that sometimes my brain tells me where something is, but it's in a different house, a different state, a different life. So happy to know that the next move is the last one. Hopefully I'll be able to delete all those pieces of wrong information!

  2. Michele. You were actually able to comment on my blog. I am impressed. I understand about moving alot. We moved so much when Marv was in the Navy. It took me a long time to quit packing up every 2 years minimun. Sometimes more often. It became a habit.