Friday, January 6, 2012

Go, Go, Go, Day

“When we live by doing what we love, we are in peace with ourselves!”
Girish Haridas, KRISHNA
Spent most of the day running around today. Bowling started the day off. Then off to get an annual pass for the parks so we can hike now anywhere we want without worrying about getting a day pass. We are doing this enough to make a yearly pass a must. Then we had some other errands to run. Got a great new camera strap for when I am hiking. Since we are taking so many pictures and the camera I am using  can get rather heavy on a 10 mile hike.
Even though we spent a lot of time on the go today I still got quite a bit of crocheting in. I just worked in the car as we were driving about. Amazing how much you can get done that way.
When I got home I had a pleasant surprise waiting for me. I was voted Hooker of the Year  in the Blazing Hooks group on Face Book.  Feel very honored.  Marv is trying to figure out how to explain that title when he goes to work next week. But I am sure he will do just fine. Any one who knows me would know what it means.
Well I promised pictures of our Monday hike.
Love this shot. Late afternoon in the shade with the sun on the ridge reflected in the water. The best of everything!

We started this trip early as it was over 11 miles So we had the long shadows of the morning

Heading down to boulder canyon

Looking down toward the canyon.

Love seeing the green grass from the rain. That and the interesting dead wood always appeals to me.

Lower end of Boulder canyon

Saguaro skeleton and a live Saguaro. You don't normally see the skeletons still standing like this.

One of many pools of water in the canyon

The trail crossed over these boulders. Pip just leaped in. Boy was he surprised when it was deeper than he thought. Got a bath he didn't expect.

Marv caught him mid shake . Looks like he is doing his Falkor imitation from Neverending Story.

Another pool . Love the greens

Marv on the trail

Had to get a shot of the black and white boulders in the creek bed. What a mix UH?

Our buddy the Weavers Needle from yet another angle.

A little closer view

Rock formation reflected in the water late afternoon.

This is the formation that is reflected. We have named this one The Teapot that is me down below.

And Pip ready for the next one

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