Sunday, January 8, 2012

Just putzing today

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.”
Marcus Aurelius
For once we are taking a kick back day here. Just doing little things that need done around here. Like paint the door for the cupboard for cabinet we had to build for the new hot water tank. But no major job. We haven't taken a at home kick back day for some time. Seems like we are on the go all the time.
My plan is to finish this project then get the rest of my painting done this week.  I will paint the rest of the pantry then.   That will be a much larger job though  as I need to empty it all out first. Not looking forward to that one. But now that we have done all our adaptations to the room it's time.
My  project is going well. It should be done in the next couple days. Right now there isn't much to talk about. I just keep putting the stitches in. One after another. It can be very soothing but doesn't make for an exciting post.
We did go do a hike yesterday. We went up by Saguaro lake again. This time on the other side. Was a great hike. Liked the area very much.  We will be doing this one again.  It should be beautiful when the desert blooms.
Here are the pictures form that hike
This canyon was so pleasant to walk through.

Hieroglyphics at the top of our climb. Notice the hieroglyphic is a lizard and to the left is the real thing checking it out.

Another hieroglyphic

Love looking at the different rock formations on the trails.

This is a view of the Four Peaks from the peak or our climb today.  This summer we plan on hiking up there.

This little guy had to come check us out. 

Down in the canyon.

We both had to resist the urge to climb these stair nature provided.

Mesquite trees clinging to the canyon walls.

Interesting dead tree.

Love the intertwined roots of this tree.

This is a large Iron wood tree.

Butte across the river.

Down in the canyon again. Love how nature can do such a clean slice off this rock face. This was such relaxing part of our hike. So restful.

These are the tunnels the trail goes through under the highway. As you can see they are good sized.

Marv enjoying the day.

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