Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another great quote

“The market follows the artist. The artist does not follow the market.”
Iimani David
My  day has not gone as planned. But that is life and I will finish what I intended to finish today, tomorrow.
Unfortunately my body decided that I really needed to go see a doctor at the urgent care this morning. I am now on antibiotics for an infection. Hopefully I will be feeling more like myself in a few days time.
I am now going to curl up with my hook and spend the rest of the day in a much better way. Letting my creative juices flow. This design I was hoping to finish this afternoon. But It should be done totally by Thursday morning now.  I am having to resist the urge to lay it out on the floor reassure myself that it looks a good as I hope it does. It's far enough along now that it's going to be what it's going to be regardless. Though I am pleased with what I am seeing so far.
I must admit I stopped at Hobby Lobby while out and bought me some thread for doily I have in mind. Needed the pick me up. Not that I really needed the thread. I could of found something in my stash that would work. But sometimes you just need to indulge your inner self. Thread for me is my indulgence of choice. 

I liked my quote for the day as it one of my self truths.
I create to create. I do not create to sell. If I sell what I create wonderful. But it isn't the reason I do this, nor will it ever be.
I create because I am driven.

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  1. Sorry you are feeling bad. Purchasing thread or yarn always makes me feel better too!