Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Good Beginnings

“It's your life-but only if you make it so.”
Eleanor Roosevelt, You Learn by Living

Ah the new year is off to a great start.
My project is going well, despite having to frog 4 and 1/2 rows. But for that I can blame on no one but myself. But it's all back in and then some, So life is good on the crocheting front. Though I got up this morning to discover my chair had tried to eat my hook. Thankfully it doesn't digest steel well and I did finally make it give it up. This doesn't happen to me often, I am normally so good about putting everything away in the evening. Must have been super tired last night.
My garden is growing, Slowly yes, But growing. I guess that is how it goes down here. Though I am going to try taking more control here shortly and put up a green house. See if I can control things a bit more. Hopefully extend my season down here for growing things too. Don't need a huge one. It's only Marv and I, Oh and Pip. The dog loves veggies. I think it comes from our garden walks when he was a puppy. I would thin my carrots and let him have the tender little ones I pulled up. Now when I cook carrots I have to cook him some too or he lets me know about it. He loves tomatoes too. I also have to protect my strawberries from him. He will raid the bed for them... Funny dog.
We took two hikes this weekend.
I am posting pictures our New Years Day hike on todays post. I will do yesterdays hike tomorrow. We had a great time both days. Though we were all tired by the end of yesterdays hike. We are building up stamina though and we can all go a lot further now before we are dragging you know what.
We hike up to the falls near the Crosscut trail head. Not much water coming down. But still lovely.

One of the many scenes we saw on our way up, and up it was.

This is the small needle that kept us company coming and going. This is the front side that we saw as we headed in.

This is the same needle from the backside. Looks totally different. Which is why it's easy to get lost in this sort of country.

Some of the pattern work nature has done. I love seeing these sort of things. Keeps me humble about my designing.

One the great vistas we had that day. This was about half way up.

Pip leading the way. He seems to be saying ( Well come on! Hurry Up ! )  You can't tell he enjoys this

One of the many bluffs we saw on the way up. This one is special because scaredy cat me actually was walking on the top of this one. Of course not too close to the edge and my heart was in my throat. But I did it. Almost out to the very tip.

Here's another shot of the same bluff giving a better idea of how high it really is.

Both Marv and I got a kick out to this formation. Looks like a critter with those big ears and almost a face.

A balancing rock up by the falls.

Another shot of the falls.

This make my day. I found a fern. Up here in the desert. Not something you see everyday.

This got my vertigo going. This was looking almost straight up above me on the trail.

This stump just appealed to me on the way down. It was a great hike and will most likely do this one again.


  1. Growing? We are growing colder here in Phippsburg, supposed to be 2 (2!) tonight.
    Your Pip is a Pip! Lovely photos, thank you!

  2. But this is our growing season. Here in summer your veggies are precooked before you ever harvest them.
    Brrr......... I don't envy you the cold. Stay warm! Time to curl up and crochet I would say.
    Afghan would be great project.