Thursday, January 24, 2013

Future events

“Ideas come from everything”
Alfred Hitchcock
Next month is National Crochet month. 
Crochetville will being doing a designer blog tour to celebrate our art. 
I will be taking part in this. 
Now my question is what would you like to know about me or what I do? How can I make my day on the tour a little extra special? 
Another piece from My Beautiful Bullions Book.
This is my Renaissance Shawlette.
More pictures from our hike.
If there are flowers I will find them.
Sometimes you have to look really hard as they tend to be small in the desert.

Marv having a good time.

 I finally found this plant for my garden. It's called a lilac vine and I fell in love with it at the Renaissance Faire last year. Now I will have one of my own. Yeah!
And the Rabbits don't like it..... Double Yeah!!!!!

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