Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oh Joy!

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”
Dalai Lama XIV
Going to get this written early today so it doesn't get forgotten. It is so easy to get busy and let things like this slide. But I really do want to be more consistent in my posting. I know I can't do everyday, but 3-4 times a week would be good. I tried once a week and it really slipped my mind terribly.
Today should finish up the crochet work on this piece. Then I will be ready to assemble, This one and the last piece are both rather complicated pieces. But OH I have enjoyed making them so much. I love seeing a idea like this come together.
I do try and be my own designer.
Not do the same things everyone else seems to be doing. I do watch and I see trends in designing. I know it is partially because that is what the editors are looking for. Partially because that is what they are seeing on the inter-net so are influenced by. We are all human and we can't help but be influenced by these things.
I do try and limit how much I cruise the net. I also remind myself I need to be me first and foremost and my designs need to reflect who and what I am.
So I will continue to work thread and the finer yarns as much as I can. Maybe I won't be as successful as others but so be it.
I have a few more photos from this weekend. Again the dried flowers are catching my attention. But they deserve notice with their soft colors and quiet elegance.

Weavers Needle kept us company a good part of our hike. Someday we will do the hike the circles this landmark. We were talking about doing it next weekend. We shall see, as it has a lot of climbing. That doesn't bother us in the work of the hike, but I do get nervous about heights and that takes away from the pleasure of the hike. But I am doing better and may be ready for this.
We came across an area of dried grass shimmering in the sunlight. My picture doesn't do it justice.
We also saw signs of spring. Green grass! I couldn't resist a picture.
I am so ready for things to start growing and blooming.  

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