Saturday, January 26, 2013

Loving the rain

“I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking”
Albert Einstein
This is my sort of day. Rain, Rain, Rain. We are having a rare day when we have a nice soakie rain for most of the day. Normally we get squalls that drop there rain and move on. This is the sort of day just made for curling up, watching movies and crocheting. And that's what we are doing.
 When we got home from bowling I decided to go get a picture of the runoff in the back of the house. We have a runoff gulch just behind our house. When we walked out the back door. You could here the roar of the water, that's definitely not norm.
Never seen it like this. Wonderful!

Its cascading down all across the whole back section.

More water cascading 
Don't have to worry about us. We are high and dry. We like having the wash behind our place. It insures no one will move in behind us. 
And It's gorgeous on days like this.  

Yesterday my new lens arrived. Had to play with it. It has a wider range of focus so I only need to pack one lens with me when we are hiking.

My lilac vine volunteered to let me try it out on it.

I could get a shot of my kitchen window sill while standing in my dinning room.

Nice shot of the eagle statuary in my front flower bed.
Well I am going to spend the rest of today with hook in hand and watch the rain coming down.
What a nice way to spend my day.

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  1. Enjoy that rain! It is rather nice here too - NOT raining and warm enough to make it possible to get outside and do a little prepatory garden bed tidy up.