Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Getting done, Feeling good.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
Mahatma Gandhi
I just finished putting the latest piece on the blocking board. Pip loves it when I do a big piece and pull out the mats I use to block that sort of piece. I am right down on his level then.  Pretty soon I have a nose nudging it's way under my elbow. Had to have some attention. Once he had his pet he was willing to leave me alone and let me get the job done. But not before.
My greenhouse floor is all done.  Once I get my shade cloth and get it on I should be able to start moving plants into it. Oh and get the swamp cooler hooked up so I can control the temp and humidity in there. Not going to try and keep it cool. Just want to keep it from cooking the poor plants. I was in tears the other day though when I realized my baby acorn squash had shriveled up. I would have sworn I was giving them enough water. But things dry out so fast here in this heat. Thats were being able to control the humidity should help.
I also will be glad to remove temptation from the birds. I watched a cactus wren help himself to my tomatoes the other day. I knew a bird was getting them. Now I know who the culprit is.
Gardening on the edge of the desert is definitely a learning experience. But I shall prevail.
I am going to spend the afternoon playing with a couple ideas. Tomorrow I will be picking back up my skirt seriously. I do want it done in time for Manchester.
I decided I couldn't do a post without pictures so I decided to post pictures of the birds we saw on our last hike,
This bird was definitely busy having lunch.
Think he needs a napkin.

I like this shot of the Cactus Wren. He looks like he is dancing.

This pair of mallards were quite peaceful looking enjoying the river.

This little fellow kept us company on one of our breaks.

Don't know what got his attention down below but I liked this shot.

Of course our Morning Dove that tattled on the squirrel.

These two black birds were doing a courting dance.
They were so caught up in it they didn't even notice when their lady love left. 

A Red Winged Black bird.

And another Cormorant, We saw lots of them that day.

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