Saturday, May 19, 2012

Quiet weekend

“Chase your dreams until you catch them...and then dream, catch, and dream again! ”
Dee Marie, Sons of Avalon: Merlin's Prophecy
We are staying home this weekend. Seems strange but nice. Settling in to watch movies and crochet. I am hoping to have this last piece done by the end of the weekend. Monday at the latest.
I do have one small project that will be jumping on my hook as soon as this is done. The idea came to me early this morning. Of course I had to jump up and sketch it out. I did a rough swatch this morning on the way to bowling. So It shouldn't take me long to do the finished piece.
Then my skirt will be my primary focus.
All my entries are done.
My floor to for the greenhouse is almost done. only 21 more pavers to put in on Monday morning. Ordered my shade cloth as that will be necessity around here. Once that is here and installed than I should be ready to start using my green house. I don't dare yet. They would cook in there with this heat. I really don't want my veggies precooked before I even get then picked.
Well I have a few more flower pictures for you
The blooms on this prickle pear were lovely.

I love the delicate beauty of this tiny flower.

We finally got a chance to get a good picture of Saguaro in bloom

The bees definitely love them. There was a steady drone anytime we were near one.

Another prickly pear bloom from a different angle.

And Marv's shot of the lone bush of red beauty.

And one last view of the small delicate charmer.

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