Thursday, May 17, 2012

One step closer

“Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously.”
Hunter S. Thompson
I did spend a little time working on my green house floor. Not long though, it just got way too warm to work that hard in. So I will do a bit more in the morning. I will get it done. Then I have to figure out how to put my shade cloth.
The rest of the morning I spent reworking part of piece for the book I am working on. It was okay as it was, but it's better now. I had been thinking about this and I knew I could let it go as it was. Now it's done and I feel better. I will be proud to send it off.
Now I can turn my focus to the last item for the book. Shouldn't take too long as it is well started. Will get that done and a few patterns written up then I will feel free to start back to work on my skirt.  Can hardly wait. This will be good motivation to get done here.
I have some pictures from our last hike. I told you I was behind in all my picture editing. So I Will take the next couple days and get these pictures posted.
Not sure if we will be able to go hiking this weekend. Finding someplace that isn't going to fry us may be tough. Ah well It will cool down again this fall.
We found this bush down by the river. It was the only one like we have seen. It was so beautiful. But then I think all flowers are beautiful.
We say this dove land in the tree. When we focused in on it we dismissed it as an interesting  shot until it registered on my tired brain that he wasn't alone. He and this squirrel were having a stand off of some sort. Definitely much more inter sting.

Marv caught this heron in flight. He is so much better getting this type of shot than I am .

We saw a lot of cormorant on the river that day. This one let me get a shot of him.

Cat tails against a summer sky.


  1. Really cool that I'm going to get to see that skirt in person!

  2. Stay cool with that greenhouse project!