Thursday, May 24, 2012

Need to catch up with myself

“Receive with simplicity everything that happens to you.”
Yesterday I spent the day with a friend talking crochet. That makes for a great day all it's self.
Today I submitted my entries for the CGOA Design contest. Wrapped them all up, Tagged them and shipped them on their way. Hopefully they will be well received. But this has taken most of my day to get done.
About the time I thought about settling in to do some serious crochet work the mail came.
I received my copy of magazine Crochet. I was pleased and surprised to see my Coaster and Napkin ring set in it. They named it Golden Spokes. So I am doing the happy dance here again........
Of course I had to take the time to share it with all of you.
Maybe just maybe I will get to pick up my hook when I am done here and get busy on this skirt. I really want to get it done so I have something to special to wear at the CGOA convention in Manchester. It's just over a month away so my fingers had better start flying on this.
I am posting pictures of the Coaster and Napkin Rings and my greenhouse floor that I did.  Also some charming birds that have decided one of my shrubs is the best restaurant in town. 
Here is the Coaster and Napkin Ring set that is published in Crochet Magazine.

My green house floor all done. Still need to sweep some of the sand up. But this should keep any critters from digging their way into my green house and still provide me with good drainage.

These Lesser Goldfinches are definitely enjoying themselves here.

What ever type of bush this is they are finding the seeds good eating.
They have spent the last week giving it a good going over.

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  1. The coaster and napkin ring are a really pretty design and the colors are gorgeous too.

    Love, love, love the greenhouse with the finished floor!