Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A bump on the head.

“Instead of focusing on how much you can accomplish, focus on how much you can absolutely love what you’re doing.”
Leo Babauta
If you read my posts on face book then you know I took a tumble this weekend.
My own fault. I know better than to try and enjoy the scenery while walking down a rocky trail out in the desert. I tripped over a embedded rock and fell. Thankfully I do know how to fall. I taught people how to for years as part of being a riding instructor. No broken bones from trying to catch myself. See I do know better than that.
So I only have a bump on my forehead and my  right knee isn't so pretty. But I walked out of there on my own and no signs of trouble from the bump on my head.
 AND YES we have been monitoring it closely.
I have had concussions before. Never something I want or plan on doing, but I have never hidden from life to avoid being hurt. Once a tomboy always a tomboy.....
The polka dot clouds reflected in a pool of water

It was a different sort of hike though. Cool weather and hardly any signs of flowers on this side of the mountains. It's just been too cold. We should have plenty this year as we have been wetter than normal. Which I am loving.
We saw lots of water cascading down through the washes. Some of the trails were actually a little tough to negotiate due to all the water. But worth the hike.
Bump and all.
You could see snow on the 4 peaks in the distance when we got to the trail head. Though by the time we got back it was mostly melted. But oh she was a pretty site.
This is the view that was awaiting us when we arrived to go hiking.

Took this shot almost immediately after my tumble.
Starting to clear off the peaks.

A half hour later she was totally visible

And most of the the snow was gone.
I came home and settled in with my knee propped up in my recliner and worked on a project I was saving for this next weekend. But it seemed like the perfect one for my recovery. I made a Wiggly Crochet Dishcloth from Susan Lowman's book. I will give you a full report on that next Monday the 18th as that's my day of her blog tour.
Maybe I should bump my head more often as Marv has given me orders to take it easy the next couple days and just work on my crocheting. I won't argue with that.
My major project is coming along nicely. Actually beginning to feel like I just might get it done someday. I knew this was a long term project when I started it. So no surprises there. It's just a matter of remembering to keep plugging at it every chance I get.