Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Oh My.....

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
Frank Zappa
I sometimes hate when a inspiration hits me.
I find it so hard to keep myself working on the project I have going.
I want so bad to drop everything and play with the new idea.
If you can't tell I was hit by the inspiration bug this morning.
I am being good and working on the project I am supposed to. But I have decided to give myself a goal for the day and if and when I reach that goal I can play with the new idea. Sounds reasonable to me.... In the meantime I had to move all the sketches out of my sight so I can concentrate on what I am doing. I found myself counting incorrectly as I was already thinking about the new project.
I did have pleasant surprise this morning when I got on Facebook. Aunt Lydia's Crochet thread just released another one of my patterns. It is my Starshine doily.
Then my friend Michele Maks sent me a link to the song Good morning Starshine and now it is playing in my head as back ground music for the morning...... Thanks Michele. I think I owe you one.
You can see the doily here and get a copy of the pattern
Here is a another picture of the doily
 I did promise you more pictures from out trip to Catalina, Here are a few more. Still lots to show you though.
This is looking up the canyon into the montrose pools.
It is so peaceful down in there. Worth the climb down into see them.

I was captivated by the colors and shapes of the leaves of last years growth. I couldn't resist this color study.
I also have a thing for trees. This one was at our turning point in the trail
4007 ft up is were we turned around and headed back down.
After I spent some time taking this trees portrait.

Well if I want to play with my new idea sometime today I had best get busy with the project on the hook. Which is coming along nicely by the way.

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  1. Love, love your doily, this one your doily here pictured blocked is way better picture then the one on Red Heart Site.
    Terry Devine