Thursday, February 7, 2013

Busy couple of days

“A good friend is a connection to life - a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world.”
Lois Wyse
The last three days have been rather busy, But oh in such nice ways.
Tuesday was Prescott crochet group meeting. Boy was I ready, We didn't meet in January so it had been a while. They are such a wonderful friendly group, I love going up there and sharing my passion with them. Good friends, crocheting, and good food and conversation. It doesn't get much better.
Yesterday wasn't so great but good. I did house work. I know who cares, But I was doing it for a definite reason. My friend Susan Lowman was going to come visit me and she is allergic to cats so I wanted to make sure I cleaned all the cat hair and dander up as much as possible.
So at least three of the rooms in my house got their spring cleaning.
We had a great visit and she got to see all my crochet treasures. I don't get to show off my lovely hooks and books too often to people who care. We talked and talked crochet. The time passed way to quickly, and nary a sneeze one. So yesterdays cleaning was worth it.

I am still working on two different projects. One is a bit more long term than the other. But both are important to me. I like to have one that I work here at home and one that is easy to pack around with me.
 I am also going to be doing a Blog tour for Susan Lowman's book Wiggly Crochet Dishcloths. I will be doing that on the 18th of this months. So mark your calendars. This will be the first time I am participating in one of these. A little nervous. I want to do a good job.
More pictures from our hike last weekend.

We were pushing time to get back before dark. But when I saw the sun reflected off of the hills in the distance , Well I had to stop and take a picture. Nature's art is so inspiring.
But you have to open you eyes and look around to see and catch it.
So glad I was there to see this moment.
More floral shots. These delicate blossom make my heart sing
Spring is Coming! Spring is Coming!

Of course the seed pods of last years flowers are still part of the landscape and they call to me also.

More signs of spring.
I can hardly wait until the desert comes into full bloom in a few more weeks.


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