Friday, February 1, 2013

Making decisions.......

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.”
Søren Kierkegaard
You know it's hard to stay in routine about writing here when your internet goes out. I had three days this week that my internet was down. The new smart phone did help, but I am still a babe in the woods with it and didn't feel up to doing my post from it. Maybe by the next time this happens again I will be able to. Let's hope that doesn't happen for a long time.
The rain last week shorted out a connection somewhere on the line leading to our house. A fairly simple fix, but getting someone out here is the hard part. 
It's fixed now so I am back in business. 
Decision Time
Speaking of business. I mailed off a package this morning for an order for one of my books. Well I had a real shock about the new rates. Especially an overseas package. I just gave away one of my books. The postage cost as much as the total order based on the old postage prices. Actually It was 70 cents less. But when you figure in the cost of my paper and ink, envelope and gas. I was probably in the hole. 
We will be spending the weekend converting all my remaining hard copy books to PDF files only.
No more hard copies.
I just can't keep up with the postage and the printing costs. 
If a person really does need to have a hard copy they can get hold of me and I will set up a special sale on my Etsy site to accommodate them. I do understand some people do need and want hard copies, but I can't afford to keep eating the costs.
Project report
One project is on the blocking mat. Am I happy? We shall see when I take it off the board and try it on. Somethings you just can't tell until it has been blocked.
I am all set up to begin a new project. Actually I started one the other day, but changed my mind on the thread I was using. So I am experimenting with some thread here. We shall see if I like the results. I will know by this evening if it meets my expectations.
I took this color study shot a couple weeks ago.
Wish I could find some nice sock weight yarn with these hues.
Love the soft purple.  

One day this weekend we are going to go hiking . Looking forward to getting out and away from everything for a little while. Waiting to see what the weather is doing before we decide which day.  

Just a shot from one of our hikes last month. I have a thing for water in the desert. Have to take a picture of it.

I am almost ready to cuddle in for the evening with hook in hand.
I will be enjoying what I call the three C's



  1. I agree that postage costs are affecting the way we do business, Kathy. I only sell printed copies of my patterns wholesale, and all the rest are PDF only.

  2. Digital is the future. I LOVE pdf patterns on my kindle fire!

  3. I was trying to accomondate those that don't have todays technology. But I can't keep up with the expenses these days. We are seeing a definite change in the industry. Makes self publishing easier though.