Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Get to share..... WEEEEEEEEE!

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”
Scott Adams
This morning on Facebook I got a pleasant surprise. Red Heart has released the pattern for my Romantics Pineapple Shawl. So I get to share it with you finally. Oh how I love when I get to share one of my designs with everyone.
You can see it here.
Well not only see it, but get a copy of the pattern also.
This shawl was one of my winning shawl this last year at the CGOA design Contest.
It took 3rd in the Accessories division.
 I was so proud.
Here is a shot of the original Shawl.

And another shot of it.

For our Anniversary trip we headed down to Catalina State park and spent 3 days there hiking and enjoy ourselves. 
It was great as there was lots of waters in the canyons doing their dance down the hillside. 
We got to see and hear it quite often on our treks. I don't have too many pictures today.
I will post more later this week.  
This was a fall above the Romero pools. We challenged ourselves to climb up higher than we have before. We were rewarded by this sight.

This is a close up of the spillway for these falls.

I did get some floral shots. Which I will be sharing later. But the beauty of last years growth called to me also. I am intrigued by natures simple beauty.
It's all about Harmony

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  1. Such a beautiful shawl and the photos from your hike are pretty awesome too. Happy Anniversary to you two!