Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another one bites the dust.....

“Life's under no obligation to give us what we expect.”
Margaret Mitchell
OH MY! But that pattern was a bear to get written up. But I finally got it done. I still need to proof it before I send it to my testers but I feel so good getting this done. A filet pattern isn't that tough to write up. But  a filet pattern in three sizes with 3 pieces each can be agonizing. I only wrote out the 1st 2 rows of each piece but that is 9 pieces x 2 as I had to write it up for both right and left handed people since it is a one way design. I am just so glad I don't have to write up the whole pattern in this manner. You know what I doubt it would have ever gotten done. I have had people ask me to write up filet patterns before. ( Which I refused to do )  I do not think they realize what they were asking. It took me a day and half just to do what I did and that doesn't include the time I had already put into it.
I am feeling a tad bit frazzled at the moment.  So I think I will go soak in a hot tub before I get busy on the current project I am working on. I will have some pattern writing to do this afternoon, But it will be nothing compared to what I have just done.
I am going to post pictures from our hike on the 19th of this month.  Today I will post hike shots and tomorrow I will post my flower shots.
Our morning started early and the morning light was gorgeous

A View down the Salt River

It was so quiet and still that I was able to get this reflection shot.

This was later in the day, the clouds had moved in and gave everything a soft light 
A view up the Salt river at the end of our loop.

I love the look of the 4 peaks mountain range. I look forward to hiking up there this summer

Another shot of the four peaks with the clouds moving in.
This is a wood knot that appealed to me. Love seeing patterns in nature.

This is a shot of the sun coming up over the Salt River

Pip playing king of the mountain. He decided he just had to jump up on this boulder.
I think it was so we could pet him better.

The clouds moved in as we hiked and painted the sky for us.
I wanted to see how my camera would do trying to capture this.

Again the sun behind the clouds.


  1. I LOVE that mountain dog!

  2. We are rather fond of him too. And he does love the hiking.....