Monday, February 6, 2012

Going to be a long week

“Always dream and shoot higher than you know how to.
Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors.
Try to be better than yourself.”
― by William Faulkner
I have only picked up my hook for a few minutes today so far.
That is because I am doing book work that needs to be done to get my taxes finished.
Why will it kill a whole week?  Because I am great at creative things, Horrible about organizational things.
If I would keep things up this would all be done by now. But it's not in my nature. So I will have to sacrifice a few days here to organization.  Bummer.............
The good news is my project is coming along great. Though I did do some frogging to re do a section. But I never mind frogging when it is to better a design. So though I lost time on the design I am much happier with the results.
I will work on it this evening as my brain will definitely need a rest after working with numbers and such. So it is the carrot I am dangling out in front of myself this afternoon.
I realized I promised you pictures of our  hike on the 20th of January and never delivered. So I will post them today.
Then I will post this weeks hikes through out the rest of the week.
As always I am intrigued by light, color and patterns on these walks.
Love how it all plays together to make a whole

We found a cave created by coral when this desert was under the sea.

Looking into one of the openings

As you can see the hill is riddled with these small caves

Looking down into one of the vent holes
Always makes me small to see natures power

Marv in front of the vent

Me down below the caves

This is me being very brave. I am standing close to the edge of a bluff. For me this is a real act of courage as I hate heights. But I am trying to learn to cope with my fear.

This is the bluff I was standing on from lower down on the trail

Marv out on another bluff.

This is the bluff he was standing one.

Of course if there are flowers to be found I will find them. These are so small I almost didn't notice them. But I did and had to get a picture. Of course my camera wouldn't do it so Marv was kind enough to get a picture for me.

Another view of the tiny flowers.

We love seeing the various gnarls of the desert plants

This rock looks like it has a bird in flight in it. Nature is her own artist

Another rock with interesting patterns

This is a close up of a bluff we walked the bottom of down by the river.

This is the picture of the bluff.

Couldn't resist the colors of this shot. So Tranquil!

This is the view from where we took our break. What a glorious afternoon.

Great view of the the 4 peaks in the distance

Just a nice view of the mountains in the distance and the afternoon shadows.

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