Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday! Monday..... The song is in my head

“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”
Abraham Lincoln
Ah another week begins and I am starting mine with some serious pattern writing this morning. While my head is clear and uncluttered from the demands of the day. I always find I do my best pattern writing at this time of the day.
Figured I had better get off the stick and get my pattern for my vest written up. I have had quite a few people asking about it and I can only put it off so long.
I will put in a mornings worth of work on it and then move to crocheting in the afternoon. 
The project on my hook is progressing as planned. All my motifs are ready to be assembled, so feeling wonderful about that.  To me that is the hardest part of this design. I have 48 motifs done and waiting. Will need to do some writing on this on the afternoon also. Oh My!!!!  it looks like it is going to be a writing sort of day. The hardest part of my job...... :(  Well it is a Monday so what can I truly expect. Just grin Kathy and get on with it. I will try and remember how happy I will be when all that writing is done.............
Well I am going to post the pictures I took at the Renaissance Festival today. I thinned out what I was going to post as I will never get all my pictures posted otherwise.
We had such a wonderful day gawking like tourists when we went to the Festival.
Watching the craftsmen working on age old skills was fascinating.

The setting they have created is truly a work of art in it's self

I kept trying to capture the true feel of the Festival and the Celebration of the way of life it remembers.

OH I could have done a whole spread on the different costumes we saw.
Thinking of making Marv and I one for the next time we go. We shall see.

Another set of costumes.

They had a great show of birds Wish I could have gotten a better picture of the hawk.

Did catch a half way decent one of the owl.

Again another scene of the lifestyle this festival celebrates.

Another craftsman at work.

Of course some flowers caught my eye and I couldn't resist.

One of our favorite shows was the Jousting

Of course I picked out my favorite horse and cheered him on.
Okay the knight too........

But the horse was my favorite thing to watch.
I liked this simple moment.
Makes me really miss my horse

And finally another horse that I couldn't help but admire. This fellow was so patient.

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  1. A costume would be so much fun to make! Struggling with the writing myself lately, seems like certain times of the month it flows more easily. This is from a postmenopausal woman! But it still seems to be that way.....