Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Best day of this week

“Forget the place you're trying to get to and see the beauty in right now...”
I can tell you now that today is probably going to be the best day of this week. Well at least the most enjoyable.
Today was the day I went and joined my fellow crocheters for a nice morning of crocheting and a great pot luck. Had a great time as always. They are such great people that I don't mind driving as far as I have to just to be with them. To me it is worth the time. Maybe someday I will find fellow crocheters close to home but until then these people are a joy to be around.
Tomorrow I will get back to work on the books. If I work really hard at it tomorrow I may just get it all done by Thursday.
That will be such a relief to get that all done. Of course I will promise myself that I will do better this year and hopefully I will be able to keep that promise. Last year was particularly bad because we had such a major move in our lives. It was just easier to realize I would have to deal with it now rather  than deal with it at the moment.  It was a trade off, but one  I figured I could live with.
I am also trying to get my patterns listed on Craftsy but plan on doing it in bite size chunks. So for now I will be trying to add a pattern a day until I have all the ones listed that I want. It is always nice when a new venue for marketing my patterns opens up. I like the way they have everything set up so far.
My current project is progressing slowly. I will most likely work on it this evening so should be down to the embellishment part later tonight.
I am adding the pictures from Saturdays hike. We hiked up to one of the canyons on our side of the Superstitions. The trail head is within walking distance for us so it was real convenient.  This was the last trip for the camera I have been using. It was Marv's camera from years ago. Well it was being very finicky about what it would take pictures of. Didn't save some of the shots I know I took.  The poor camera is just plain wore out. We dug it out just to see if I liked using a camera with the sort of features this one had. We knew it was rather antiquated but it gave me the chance to try my hand at photography before I invested in a camera. This way I had a better idea of what I wanted out of a camera.
Tomorrow I will show you shots from my new camera. Marv was a sweetheart and got me a new one that I can get some great flower shots with. 
This is a view of the Superstitions on our hike. Wish we couls have gotten a better shot of the cloud formation but we couldn't fit it into just one shot. It was pretty awesome the way the clouds were formed about the mountains.
This is closer to the veie that we see everyday from our house. Pretty spectacular!
This canyon was our destination. We didn't get up into as far as we would have liked, but poor Pip was having a little trouble with all the boulder hopping we were having to do. There is no trail. There are supposed to be some great hieroglyphics up in the canyon. We will go back up another day without Pip ( SSSHHH  don't tell him. ) to see them
This is a stump we both thought was interesting.
A close up of the same stump. I love the patterns.
Marv enjoying himself
Tiny white flowers on a bush on the cliff above us.
Of course I zeroed in on the flowers. My camera wasn't cooperating though and couldn't get a really good shot
Marv took the picture of this one for me. Since my camera decided it was about done.
These were some very tiny flowers Marv captured for me.
Love these and Marv's camera did a wonderful job capturing the beauty. Can you see the spider peaking out from behind the petal?
I caught this shot of the seed head on the grasses


  1. I can't imagine what it must be like to see your view every day and to live in that landscape. Very strange to this Northeastern girl, but also very beautiful.

  2. Oh it has taken a bit of adjustment on my part. I am a lover of green forests and mountains. I went from green, green, green to this. But I am learning to find beauty in my new world.

  3. There is a crochet meet-up on Saturdays at the Apache Junction Library on Idaho. I've never been but am thinking about it one of these days. My grandsons bowl in a youth league and I go watch them on Saturdays or I would have gone before this.