Monday, February 20, 2012

Vacation over

“It's never too late to be who you might have been.”
George Eliot
Well our week of vacation is over. Must admit we enjoyed ourselves. It will take me days to get all the pictures edited and posted.
Friday we went hiking and I got lots of pictures of the flowers. The desert is beginning to bloom and me and my camera are trying to capture the beauty to tide me over this summer. We found a great loop. Lots of variety of terrain and great views. I promise I will get pictures up some time this week. Of course I will not be running all over the place this week so I should have a good chance of getting them done.
Saturday we played tourist and went and did the Renaissance Festival they put on here every year in Gold canyon. It's quite the Festival. They have been doing if for 24 years. It runs February through April. We had a wonderful day and plan on doing it again as we didn't see everything we would like to have seen. Again I took a ton of pictures and again be patient.
Yesterday was our last day of Vacation so we decided on a final hike. We did a loop we have done before. But I still ended up with lots and lots of pictures. A lot of the flowers. And again my plea for patience on the pictures. 
Today I spent most of my day getting things organized and catching up around here. Even though we were home I sort of let things slide while on vacation. Tomorrow I will get back to work seriously on my designing.
I did get my latest design blocked this morning. Very happy with it. Will get the pattern written up this week. 
Still trying to decide what to do about the bleeding on the other project. I would redo it if I could figure out how to keep it from bleeding again. I did email the company that makes the yarn and asked for advice. I did love the colors before the it bled. They truly aren't bad now just not not quite as pretty as before.
I also have a doily that is close to being done. So as you can tell, I did keep working even though we were on vacation. Just at a more relaxed pace. But I can't  imagine a day without a a hook in my hand at least part of the day.
This is a view looking down into the Salt River Canyon. This canyon is awesome. I never realized we had anything quite so awesome as near to our home as this. We plan on going an exploring it more at a later date.
In Holbrook they had a wonderful rest stop with a fenced in pet yard we could turn pip loose in. He did try and defend us from the big brown dog. It was comical watching him warn the setter off.

We only did the lower end of the petrified forest and the Painted desert. But it was pretty awesome.  Another trip up there later this year when the wind doesn't cut right through you and your teeth instantly begin to chatter.

More of the Painted desert.

One of the buildings on the park. Couldn't resist the colors appealed to me so much.

This log is sticking out of the bank right beside the road.

A closer shot of the same log.

Looking down into what is called the Jasper Forest.

The Jasper Forest again. You can see the petrified logs sticking out of the cliffs.

This is a Panorama view of the Painted desert

One of the petrified hunks of logs

More petrified logs. Everywhere you looked there was more.
The colors in some of them were pretty spectacular.

Another view looking down the Salt River Canyon.

Looking up the Salt river canyon. You can see the road we were on on the other side on the left side of  the picture. There were plenty of hairpin turns going through that canyon. 

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  1. Bravo Pip! Thank you for the wonderful photos!
    (I have a bracelet with those word by Eliot stamped on them- I'm bound and determined to prove it!)