Monday, November 28, 2011

Another week has begun

“Life is more about wondering than wandering.”
― Abbas Bagwala
There are times when I feel like I am not getting much done in a days time. I look at what I have accomplished and wonder what happened to the day. Then I remember all the unwork I have done. That's the work that I have frogged so I can make the design lay right, or look right. There is a lot of unwork done when designing. Sometimes it is put one row or rnd in, take out three. But I am a perfectionist when it comes to my designs. I want them right. I want them the best they can be. So if it means that I do a lot of unwork in a days time, So be it.  I am staking my reputation on the designs I put out. I would like to have a good one.
I also have to remember the amount of time that I have spent writing up the design also. That can be time consuming all in it's self. Then if I frog and redo there is a redo on the pattern and I have to be so careful that I get the corrections and the original to work harmoniously together.
So I will just keep reminding myself that there is more work to a design than what meets the eye!

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