Monday, November 14, 2011

New Day

" Your life is what your thoughts make it. "
Marcus Aurelius
Today is a Monday so time for new ideas and actions.

 I made the decision yesterday that I will quit trying to work on multiple projects at once. I found I just wasn't really feeling like I was getting anywhere on them. In fact I found myself not working on any of them. Which is not a good thing. So now I must choose which of the three projects is going to get my full attention again. I think it will be the doily as I am really feeling in need of a doily fix. There is just something special to me about making these mini pieces of art. So I will satisfy my creative side and work on the doily that has been patiently waiting for me to get serious about finishing it up. I think I need this right now. Working on something practical right now just isn't going to get the juices flowing.

I did get my garden replanted today. I have my toes crossed that things go better this time. Everything seems happy where I have the garden now. The one nice thing is I have the patio table and chairs right next to it so I can go out and crochet and enjoy my garden all at the same time. Should be pleasant when it really takes off. I hear the call of my hook so must fly..........

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