Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Musings

" Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life."
Steve Jobs

I took yesterday off from design work. Though I must admit I did crochet a little bit. But it was more play.
Well I guess you could say in some ways my work is play in a sense. As I play with ideas, play with my stitches to see what I can make them do. play with combinations of stitches. play with different color combos, play with different threads and yarns. Or can I just say that my work is a joy for me...........

But there are aspects that are just work too. Pattern writing comes to mind first and fore most. Taking those ideas that I played with until something good came of it and writing them out so others can duplicate that idea without spending the hours that I did to get there. Making those instructions where they make sense to others. That gets tough at times.
Doing repetitious crocheting to make that idea a reality that gets to be work too.
Keeping records of what I am doing is work.  So it's not all play either. But I still love what I am doing.

So yesterday I was in play mode for my job.

We did have a great day. After we put food in the house for the week. We took Pip and headed up the the Superstitions and took a long hike. We did part of the First Water trail. We are all getting into better shape.We could have gone farther than we did but we did have some time constraints on us. Ended up the day with Bowling league. So I got lots of exercise yesterday.  Maybe next weekend we will do the 9 mile loop. We should have more time if we go on Friday or Saturday.

I would much rather do that then face the Black Friday crowds. Call me a coward if you want. But I just don't need or want to give to someone that badly that I need to put myself through all that.

Today I will finish up this doily and get it blocked. The pattern is all written. I finished that up earlier today. So now I just have to finish the crocheting.

While I was working on the doily this morning and more ideas were popping into my head. I had a horrible thought.

Is my brain so fertile for new ideas because it's so full of Sh*t!

What a thing to think of..... But I never know where my brain is going to lead me................

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