Sunday, November 13, 2011

" Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of the little things "
- Frank A. Clark

My morning yesterday was spent moving my garden and hopefully varmint proofing it. I feel like I am building fort Knox just to get a few tomatoes  and such. Not sure what I will do if this doesn't work. My garden yard now sits on my patio out back so nothing can dig their way in. I added 1 inch chicken wire around the lower 2 feet of the fence. So they are are going to have to be pretty small to get in there now. It's not so convenient where I have it now. But if this works I will build a slab for it in a better location. But before I go to that much trouble I need to see if it would even be worth it.
I had to do this as out of 3 tomato plants and my squash plant I have 1 pretty pathetic looking tomato plant left. They have eaten the rest. One of the ones they raided does have a leaf bud on it so I will give the poor thing a chance. But I will not be holding my breath.
Tomorrow I will replant. Wish me luck folks! I think I need it.................

We spent the afternoon hiking again. Taking advantage of the cooler weather to discover the areas close to us that we can enjoy. We went again to the Salt River and hiked a different trail than yesterday. We didn't take as many pictures as the day before but we did get some. It was a great afternoon for hiking not too warm and not too cool either. Pip loves it when we go to the river as he gets to go with us.  I did clip him on Friday night as the burrs kept grabbing his long hair. He still picked up a few but they were much easier to remove.
The highlight of our walk was seeing a couple of the wild horses that roam the park. We saw a mare and her offspring. They were almost as curious about us as we were to see them.  So for about 5 minutes we got the watch them before they decided to exit to safer territory.
Bluff across the river

Same bluff different angle

And Who are you ?
Mom called him to her side and checked us out. You can barely see him to the right.

Okay you don't seem too threatening, we will go about our business.

And our parting shot as they go tired of our company.

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