Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What a glorious pleasant day. I took the day and went up to Prescott, AZ to join a group of fellow crocheters for their monthly meeting. They made me feel so welcome and like I truly belonged. It was wonderful. Especially since I haven't found any fellow crocheters down my way here in Apache Junction yet. I have missed sharing with people who have the same addiction as me. So it was crocheting, chatting, lunch and more chatting and then I headed home. It was a beautiful afternoon for the drive. I will be so going back......
 I sat and made roses while there. They will be part of my next doily so I feel I am well started on that one. I am close to having half of the roses I think I will need for the design. But they were great to work on while talking because I could probably make a Irish rose in my sleep.
 I also took my new copy of the Crochet Chart program and Susan and I played around with it a bit. I just got it Sunday and haven't had much of a chance to even touch it yet. I am going to pick a simple design to work up on it and see how it goes. But it was interesting to play around with it with another designer. Helped me figure out some of the things I need to concentrate on learning. I will work on it a bit everyday and see if I can get it figured out without overwhelming this not tech brain here. But so far it has potential!
 On the garden front. I had baby zucchini plants pop up their little heads while I was gone today. I did a little happy dance when I saw them. I will get my green beans planted and a squash in a bucket this next week. This is going to be a very interesting garden for me. Never done a totally container garden. But I think it's the best method for where I am and the soil conditions around here. It will take me a long time to build up any decent soil. So for now this will allow me to control conditions better than any other I can think of.  I will have to remember to watch the weather report each evening to make sure I protect them if needed if the temperatures drop too low.
 Well I am going to get started on the one project I sat aside at the end of last week. It has been sitting here teasing me all weekend. Though It was a good thing to look at the design so long as I can see a few tweaks I will try on the final one.

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