Monday, November 7, 2011

Finished the last project yesterday morning. Put the finishing touches on the pattern last evening and sent it out to testers this morning. Always a good feeling to get to this point on a project.
I even cleared off and organized my desk top. Setting out the threads I need for the next 2 projects. Seems strange to have so much clear space around me. Almost scary.
The flip side is I am having a hard time making myself work on these projects because I have other new ideas that are screaming at me that they are much more important than the ones that have been waiting. It is so hard to know which projects to focus on. They are all good ideas, at least I would like to think they are. Nor is is like I need to wait for material either. I have everything I need for the ideas that have been waiting and the new ideas also.
I do need to make a decision though and get busy on something. Maybe I will flip a coin.
At least I can't say I have designers block at the moment. I could probably keep busy for the next year with just the ideas I have in my sketch/idea file at this moment. But right now I think I am averaging 2-3 new ideas for every project that I am working up. That file will be bulging by the end of this year at this rate and I will definitely feel a bit snowed under...........

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