Thursday, November 3, 2011

The design I am working on is going wonderfully. Should have the first side done this afternoon. Only have like 3 more rows to actually crochet and 2 more to write up. Then it will be do the back side, but it will be much simpler and won't take nearly as much concentration.
  My back is still giving me fits so it's been a quiet day of crocheting and pattern writing for me. Marv was a sweetheart and made sure I had everything I should need close at hand so I wouldn't have to do any lifting today. I will be so glad when this passes and pass it will. I have done this before.
Thankfully only a few times and far between episodes when I have.
The first time I was walking across a parking lot and I stepped into  a pot hole. O lord I hurt on that one. Who would have thought a wrong step could hurt so badly. Bad thing was I was at an important horse show and I needed to ride. I did but it wasn't pretty. 
Since then I have done it one other time. So glad it's only once in long while this happens to me.  You have heard of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Well this is a case of the wrong move at the wrong time.

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