Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spent a good part of the morning putzing out in the garden. Got my green beans planted and my acorn squash transplanted into it's bucket. My garden is slowly taking shape.  Was enjoying myself immensely until I tweaked my back moving a pot. Not even a big pot. But I moved just wrong. Hopefully it will be okay by tomorrow.  I haven't done this in a long time. It could have waited to happen again. Like forever.
 I have spent the rest of the morning Editing patterns getting them ready to send to editors. I am hoping to send everything due the 1st week of December out by the end of the week. I hate being late on anything so I always try and arrive early or get done long before I need to worry about being late. Only one more pattern to prep and I can think about wrapping everything up and sending them on their merry way.
Also finished writing up one pattern and it is now ready to go to testers.
Sometimes I think I spend more time here at the computer than with a hook in my hand to make these patterns happen.

 Going to keep quiet this afternoon and work on this design. It's already figured out. Just need to crochet it in thread of choice. Will be writing the pattern out as I go this time. Figured this was a good thing to work on while my back relaxes and unkinks. Should be cleaning house but I think I had better listen to my body on this one and do the design instead.
So today has been a day of tweaking things, backs, patterns, ideas,  Next time I think I will skip the back though...........

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