Monday, October 31, 2011

I moved all my plants I have planted so far into my garden yard yesterday. I will finish what planting I plan to do this year later this week. I think this use of Pippie's old dog run is going to work out well. Gives me the opportunity to control things a bit more than just placing the pots out in the yard someplace. Poor bunnies are going to have to live without my tomatoes and such.
Only light crocheting this weekend. But I did get quite a bit done on 2 different projects. But I didn't push for a change of pace.
Today was another pleasant day Marv had the day off so we spent it playing tourist hikers around here. We hiked up to see the hieroglyphics this morning that was definitely an uphill climb. Then this afternoon we took Pippie with us and went up to the salt river and hiked around some more.
I really enjoyed seeing the running water and getting my toes wet. What was more surprising was Pip. He hates a bath. But he just splashed right in with me with out even hesitating. He loved it. It was a perfect afternoon for it. Wish we had taken the cameras up the the river, but we really hadn't planned to to more than just locate the trail heads and see if we would be interested in going up there to hike around. We will be going back and the cameras will be going with us next time.
 We did get quite a few shots this morning. I haven't had time to edit them all. But I will post some of them. I will post more later. Marv took the good camera and I played with the little one. I even got a few shots of him. I don't have too many pictures of him as he is normally behind the camera. Teach him to hand me a camera.
View up by Peralta Trail head

Marv below the Hieroglyphics
Checking out the natural shelter
Marv in front of Shelter
A pleasant rest point
View form Hieroglyphic down towards Gold Canyon
Pip in the water with me

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