Thursday, October 13, 2011

Normally I have posted by this time. But today has just sort of slipped away for me. Lots to think about and I do my best thinking while wielding my crochet hook so you know what I have been doing today.
 Making good progress. Enjoying the yarn that got here yesterday. I am still swatching. In the next few days I will start on projects that have a definite deadline. Just waiting for my thread to arrive. Looking forward to getting busy on these projects.
There are days I really wish I could share more about what I am working on. It's so hard to keep my big mouth shut. But shut it must be. That is the price of being a designer. No one gets to see my pretties when I am most proud of them. The moment after creation. Not that I am not proud of them later, But there is something special when I view my design come to life for the first time. I always want to share them with everyone at the time.
I did get more done on my garden this morning. It was rather pleasant to be working outside this morning. Though the hummingbirds, and the warbler that visit my feeders would much rather I only showed up at feeding time. I got buzzed a couple times by the hummers. They will get used to me working out there I am sure.
Time to go get busy.  So many ideas and only so many hours in a day

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