Saturday, October 29, 2011

Not too much crocheting happened today. Though I did get some done while we were in transit.

But we went bowling this morning and then hiking up in the Superstitions this afternoon. We both should sleep well tonight. It was a wonderful afternoon for a hike. We hiked for almost 3 hours. Not sure how far we hiked but it was through some awesome country. The rock formations are something to see. I had Marv take some pictures.(  I take a terrible pictures so Marv gets that duty. ) Next time I think we will take the better camera though.  Now that the weather is cooler we are planning on doing this on a regular basis. We need to get a map of all the trails so we know where we are going, there are lots of different trails we can explore.
Now I am going to curl up with my hook and get a Little crochet work done, If I don't doze off that is.........
Here are some pictures from our hike today.
We had some pretty wonderful vistas to choose from. This is only one shot of the views we saw.
This rock formation makes me think of a teapot.

Rock formations. Pretty amazing.
Another Rock outcrop

A Mesquite tree stump

And yet another rock formation.
And a shot of me in front of rock formation. Looks like another rock used to be embedding in this one.

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