Tuesday, October 11, 2011

At which point does the design own you? Seems like all my waking hours, and I am sure a lot of my sleep hours too have been filled with the designs I am currently working on. I keep thinking of how to make things work better or lay better constantly all the time it seems. One I have redone now 5 times to get just the way I want it.. But they are finally coming together, though my brain is screaming that I am not done yet. There are more ideas that need to be captured. I love it when things are so productive but there are limits. Well maybe? Maybe not? Can't tell you for sure as my mind is busy elsewhere. Should that be a ch 3, or a ch 2 sp? 
But I did manage to get a little house work done this morning and I did make it out to work in the yard for a while. Now I can surrender myself to the call of my hook in peace as all my necessary chores are done.

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