Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I think I have thwarted the rabbits that were eating my tomato plants. At least they haven't eaten my poor plants since I put them in their little cage. I did get the one tomato plant replaced. and it is surrounded by wire. So it should be safe too. I have also got my one bed done and my zucchini planted. Hopefully it will do okay. Not sure what to expect down here. Gardening is a whole new game here compared to what I am used to. 

I will finish this doily either late tonight or early tomorrow morning. I already have the thinking cap on for my next design I need to do.  I am hoping to have that all figured out and done by next week. I like the sketches I have so far. But who knows if it will follow the plan or take on a life of it's own once I get started. Always the adventure..... !

Then I will be free for a while to create whatever my heart dictates. Have several designs that have been waiting for my hook to free up. Those will go to the top of the list. I mean I have the designs all figured out, even have all the thread I need to complete them. I just need to actually crochet them. I am getting excited just thinking about being able to complete them. Okay I get excited easily. But it's what makes me happy.

Oh yes to update. I am feeling better. Not 100% yet, but doing much better. So rare I have to see a doctor. Marv knows things aren't right when I tell him I am going to the doctors. Normally you have to drag me kicking and screaming. Well maybe not screaming, but some definite whimpering.......


  1. Hope you are feeling better..just found your blog a few days back..I love your designs and deciding on which ones I really want to get..I am torn between a couple..I like the orange one with the roses, but there is another I am eyeballing..hmm..decisions decisions..have a great day.

  2. Glad I am making it difficult for you to decide. That means I am doing my job right. Lots of good designs to tease you with......