Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The doily is on the blocking board, My errands have all been run. The house is almost presentable. ( Just need to sweep the family room here. So guess how I am going to spend my afternoon. Playing with my hook and thread. It's design time. My favorite time is when I can let the creative juices flow and see where they take me.

I did enjoy this morning finishing up the doily. I was really getting into the rhythm of making my stitches. One of those times that you become aware of just what your fingers are doing. Most of the time we get going so fast at a project we forget to take the time and enjoy the process.  So when I started to notice what I was doing,  I made myself take the time and really appreciate just what was going one. Its almost a dance between the hook and thread, both weaving and spiraling around to an unheard rhythm. Of course it's not just the hook and thread there is always the third element that is crucial to make this all happen and that element is me. So whether I stay aware of it or let it flow subconsciously I am always a part of the dance with my hook and thread. Can't think of a nicer way to start my day.

Elsie the cat that thinks I am her personal possession found a new past time this morning. She discovered that she could see the hummingbird feeder outside my window here by my desk. After she removed one of my plants from the window sill I promptly was as good owner and removed the rest so she could chatter at the birds to her hearts content. This isn't a bad thing as she can't reach the birds and I get a little peace from her trying to change the rule that she doesn't belong on my lap when I have hook in hand. Though for the most part she is pretty good about that rule. But she has days that she is just sure that the rule only applies to her brother Bilbo and not her.

My hook is calling to me so I am off to continue my dance with it and some thread.  Elsie is happy and so am I.

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