Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 2 of my Cyber adventure

Well I survived my first day of blogging and it wasn't too painful. I will try and figure out something else today. Figured if I break it down in to bite size chunks I will do better than trying to learn it all at once. Far less overwhelming that way.

As for my crocheting. Yesterday I didn't even pick up a hook. Rare day folks. But I was so burned out from all the traveling I had just completed that I decided I needed a true me day. But I was dreaming of crochet last night so of course it won't be long this morning before a hook jumps into my hand. I have some swatches I need to finish up and one pattern I need to put the finishing touches on. So my day will be busy.
 I did four swatches on this last trip. I will need to get the patterns written up for them as well in the next day or so. I also have 2 other designs just begging for some hook time from me. One is a doily and one will either be a scarf or a shawl. Just haven't decided which direction it will go.
 My idea stack keeps growing so there is no chance in the foreseeable future of not having something new and exciting to work on. I think that is why I love designing. There is that anticipation of seeing whether my idea is actually going to work out like I envision it or not. Sometimes it does and sometimes it takes on a life of it's own. Sometimes it goes into the OH well, not this time heap. But that is part of the process.
Well it is time for me to get busy.  My hooks are calling to me................

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