Monday, October 24, 2011

It definitely feels like a Monday. Why some days have a certain feeling to them I will never know. But Mondays are always a two edged sword.
It's got the feeling of new beginnings and adventure. Everyone seems to want to start projects or discuss ideas on Mondays.
It's also got the feeling of let down. The weekend if done and gone. Time to pick up the pieces of whatever you left on Friday to wait just for this day. Back to the grindstone so to speak....
 Well I have picked up my pieces and I am now busy on the next doily I need to get done. It's coming along well. Restitches don't take me too long to do. All the calculations are done and I get the rare pleasure of just crocheting one of my doilies like anyone else does. Makes it kind of fun.
 I have also committed myself to new things too. Of course I can't say what they are. That's just the way it has to be. Just that there was and is the element of adventure also today.
Definitely a Monday

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