Sunday, October 16, 2011

Other than taking time out to go get some food in this house I have working hard all day. Got up early with Marv as he had to go into work and I got busy then. So it's been a long session so far. But this piece is coming together though. I should finish it tomorrow.  This one is the last of these design ideas for the project I am working on.  Instead of  a swatch/prototype  I am doing an actual piece.
One: because it shows of the design much better.
Two:  because I couldn't resist making one for me.
Some ideas just demand to be made as soon as possible. This was one of them. I just had to see it done.
Why some designs just seem to call out more to me than others who knows. But there are some that do and they are the ones that make designing so addictive. Why I love being a designer.
So I am picking up my hook again and getting as much done on this one today as I can.

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