Friday, October 7, 2011

My first fustration here

So far today is a bust. I was trying to add a slide show of  my work here and I can't seem to figure it out. Will have to try again later, I have other things that need my attention right now.  I knew there were going to be things here that would challenge this lady. Though I will figure it out I am sure. But it may take me a while.
Still working on my swatches and have a few errands to run. That will pretty much take care of today.
I did get that pattern I needed to finish writing done yesterday afternoon. So I can get that to my testers. Started the next swatch and it is going well. Working out the kinks for the larger design will make my life simpler later. Can't do that with every design but for what I am working on now I can.  For doilies this just doesn't work as each row is an adventure in itself when I am designing.
Will write more tomorrow, right now I need to go get busy. I would love to have this next swatch done by this evening. So wish me luck on that.

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