Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy {{{{{{ I LOVE YARN DAY }}}}}}

Today is I LOVE YARN DAY.  So to celebrate I will be crocheting away while chatting with fellow crocheters on Crochetville. Should be a fun day.
Still working on the project that I have been working on. Finished one swatch/prototype this morning and started the next one. It's all figured out. But I am working it up in the right type of yarn and writing up the pattern while I am at it. Did the first one while on the plane and it was just easier to crochet and not worry about writing it up then. That and I didn't have the right type of yarn. Should have this one done today and then I have only one more to do to meet my goal for this project.
Good thing as the thread I have been waiting for the next few projects got her yesterday afternoon. So my fingers are itching to get going on that.
Well I hope everyone has a wonderful I LOVE YARN DAY and you can spend it  with the yarn you love.

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