Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some days are just better than others. Both Marv and I have been working extra hard here the last month or so. He's been putting in a lot of overtime and I have been trying to prove to myself I can make a go of being a designer. Long story short. We are tired. So when the opportunity for Marv to take the day off he did.
We have had an wonderful day. Went bowling this morning and then did a little running that we have had to put off because of work schedules. Now we are going to curl up and watch some of our favorite movies. Pig out on one of my special Can't leave it Alone Puddings and call the day a done deal. Every once in a while you just have to have dessert for dinner right? We don't do this often and consider it a special occasion when we do.
I will of course be crocheting while watching our movies. But I am working on a project that is pure joy for me to work on so that is all good too. Of course anytime I get to crochet with thread I am happy and content.
Tomorrow we will both go back to our usual routine. But today is ours.

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