Thursday, October 6, 2011

My hook is still a flashing

Still working on this design swatch. I needed to do a large enough piece to see if my idea would work as expected and to get my numbers down correctly. Will do some minor changes in the final design but I am thinking this just might be worth the effort I have put in. Will have the swatch finished up this morning. 
 We actually have rain this morning. Around here that is awesome. So I am enjoying the morning as I am crocheting here. Still adjusting to the desert and rain is a welcome event for me. I am told things will get nicer now this time of year. Summer was tough on me. Just not used to the dry and I missed my green......
 Well back to work here. This is to the point that I want to see it done. There is always that moment where you step back and look a a design and you know if it really truly worked or if you only touched on the idea or concept you wanted. I will know soon.  I get so excited at this point.  Hurry fingers.............

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